Tucson Informal Perl Users Group -- Perl Mongers Local Chapter

It's our group that is informal, not necessarily our use of Perl!

This is a Perl Users Group of a sort in Tucson, Arizona. So far we mostly have just conversed on a relatively low-traffic email list.

   Mailing list information!
  We still have an email list.  Although the old majordomo list
  has been replaced by a new mailman list, everyone subscribed to
  the old list seems to have been moved to the new list successfully.

  If you would like to subscribe or change your subscription settings,  
  please check:


For more information, to post appropriate questions, information, answers, comments, conversation starters, etc., you should join the mailing list! can contact: Chris Niswander, coordinator 'AT-NOSPAM-PLEASE' tucson.pm.org, (520) 623-6326. It's better than contacting only Chris!

People interested in expanding the group's activities can get some ideas from How to run a successful group. For a list of (links to) articles about varying approaches, try How To Start a Users Group (for some programming language/environment/tool/OS etc.)

Tucson is alleged to be the location of a yak herding collective where Schuyler Erie, more or less notorious Perl expert, studied (n-dimensional unicycle frisbee golf.) Or silly talk. Personally, I don't believe a word of it.
Last updated 2004 June 29.